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Our training services equip members of your team in the best data capture and processing skills for your industry and clients. We offer both web-based and in-field support and instruction to ensure that from the first scan to the final product, you’re getting the most out of a 3D scanner. We educate our clients in ways to apply terrestrial laser scanning to a wide variety of projects, and continue to act as a support liaison for any future projects they may have.

The laser scanning training we provide runs alongside our rental and service programs; many of our clients find that the best value comes from combining these three services. We tailor a unique program for your project or company, and often adapt our strategies based on changing projects requirements. This ensures all the necessary dimensions of a project are addressed and team members and operators properly trained in their execution.

Our training sessions teaches users to:

Evaluate the site – learn to properly asses a site, estimate the amount of scans required and understand how factors like site geometry effect the scanning process.

Create Standards – we aim to supply your company with the knowledge and materials to develop a standard method of implementing laser scanning into your existing workflows. 

Operate a 3D Laser Scanner – learn how to use the hardware/firmware on a 3D scanner, the user interface, and the right tips and tricks to optimize your scan time, using protocols universally accepted throughout the industry.

Establish Best practices – We coach operators in setting up and executing scans so that data capture is done right, every time.

Data organization and processing – managing the colossal amount of data captured by a 3D scanner can be a messy headache of a task. We teach different organizational principles to ensure that no data is lost or corrupted throughout the duration of a project.

Final clean up and export – we provide instruction for giving your client a final deliverable, or simply preparing your data for a service like 3D modeling. Make sure your deliverables match the requirements of the client, or the next service provider to use them.

For more information about our comprehensive training program, contact us at, or call us at 412.871.3220.