Statically Charged Checkerboard Targets

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Product characteristics:

- easy to attach and reposition (up to 75% time saving)

- perfectly adhere to almost any dry and clean surface for up to three months (several times reusable)

- sticks to almost any dry clean surface such as: glass, stone, wood, plastic, metal and many more (It does not stick to textiles or other porous surfaces)

- quickly removed without any residue or need to clean surfaces after installation

- 100% recyclable and PVC-free

- PEFC-certified cardboard backer

- Dimensions: 6 in x 6 in

- Dimensions of checkered pattern:  5.5 in x 5.5 in


Designated use:

- perfectly suitable for any Indoor or Outdoor application

- registration mark visible up to 80 feet (depends on selected scanner resolution)


Field of application: 

- architecture, civil engineering and construction, heritage and restoration

- energy and supplying industry

- digital factory and plant construction

- aircraft construction and naval architecture

- crime and accident scenes


Delivery contents:

- Set contains 25 statically charged Easy-Targets