Small Checkerboard Target Plate Set

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Our Laser Scanner Small Target Plates are an extremely versatile target, for use with laser scanners or tachymeters. The Small Plates allow for easy handling while still providing precise results over great distances. Order the set and get our water repellent, high quality padded transport bag.

Product characteristics:

  • torsion-stiff plates with low weight
  • weather-resistant
  • remarkably even surfaces ensure excellent results
  • dimensions of the plate: 24 x 21cm (9.4 x 8.3 in)
  • dimensions of the checkered pattern: 20 x 20 cm (7.9 x 7.9 in)
  • integrated circular level
  • can be mounted on different tripods and fits onto various adapters (available for Leica plug, M8 + magnet, 1/4" and 5/8'')
  • The axis of the checkered pattern is exactly situated in the axis of the connection. In the case of a level target plate, the center of the target mark is still unchanged in position and height when it pivots on the axis. 
  • The target plate's center has the standard height of the tilting axis of 196mm (7.7 in) (when the 5/8" connection is used in conjunction with a 32mm (1.3 in) tall tripod.
  • bag made of a padded water-repellent material

Designated use:

  • registration mark visible up to 25m (984.3 in)
  • can be positioned flexibly and adjusted arbitrarily by use of a tripod or a prism pole

Field of application:

  • architecture, construction, and preservation of historic buildings and monuments
  • digital factory and plant construction
  • mining industry and tunnel construction
  • energy and supplying industry
  • chemical and process engineering
  • forensic

Tripod socket compatibility:

  • Leica plug (fixation is made with a horizontal knurled screw)
  • 5/8'' for fixation onto tripods or other appropriate surveying accessories
  • 1/4 inch for use on camera tripods
  • M8 thread + magnet: can be used with a LSE prism pole, a suction cup holder or simply with the magnets of our reference spheres
  • Further connection options are possible. Please contact us!

Delivery contents:

  • 5 x small laser scanner target plate
  • 1 x bag for safe transport