Set of 3 Ranging Poles with Strut Support for Reference Spheres

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The Range Pole and Strut Support system has proved an invaluable asset for laser scanning projects across the field. The lightweight and easy-to-transport nature of the ranging pole and struts, coupled with the quick set-up time and stability while in use, allow one to efficiently set up reference spheres or targets for the registration of laser scanner positions. This equipment is suitable for all kinds of terrain; even on bumpy or uneven surfaces it sturdily supports any of our reference spheres. The Range Pole even comes with a magnetic top that perfectly fits the M8 magnetic base of a reference sphere, so there is no need for adapters or complicated setups.

Take advantage of this fantastic deal to get 3 Range Poles with Strut Supports for a discounted price! Streamline your laser scanner equipment and accessories with this set.

Product characteristics:

Ranging pole:

  • height: 1.3m (51.18 in)
  • weight: 0.5kg (1.1 lbs)
  • material: wood with plastic coating
  • metal top plate: 1 9/16" diameter
  • attach a reference sphere's magnet base easily to the precisely fitting metal disc of the ranging pole
  • includes a steel tip for putting the ranging pole in the ground
  • bi-colored paint for good visibility of the pole

Strut support:

  • height: 1m (39.37 in)
  • weight: 1.25kg (2.8 lbs)
  • ranging pole strut support with screw clamp for a safe positioning of the ranging pole and the reference sphere

Designated use:

  • ideal reference mark holder for registration of laser scanner positions
  • use the sphere at noted fixed points
  • easy and fast vertical positioning of the ranging pole outdoors and in industrial buildings due to the included ranging pole strut support
  • existing fixed points in the bottom area can be integrated easily in the laser scanning project

Field of application:

  • indoors and outdoors
  • usable on unpaved surfaces (lawn, planting areas, fields or forest floor)
  • can be used in industrial and factory buildings in which the raised sphere shall be seen from many viewpoints


Delivery contents:

  • 1 ranging pole with precisely fitting metal disc
  • 1 ranging pole strut support


  • The delivery contents do not contain any reference spheres!
  • The ranging pole does not contain a spirit level for perpendicular positioning. If the sphere is used at fixed points, we recommend the use of a rod level.