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Spheres & Targets

  • flexi  laserscanning reference sphere reference sphere flexi

    Flexi Reference Sphere Set

    Highly accurate, extremely robust, long-lasting, excellent reflective properties, and built for daily use describes the Flexi Reference Sphere! It is capable of withstanding falls of great magnitude. The Flexi Reference Sphere Set consists of...

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  • Basic Reference Sphere Set

    The Basic Reference Sphere is perfect for target based point cloud registration in non-industrial areas. In particular, these target spheres can be used to improve registration quality for projects that rely heavily on cloud-to-cloud registration. The...

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  • Checkerboard Target Stickers (Set of 50)

    Checkerboard Target Stickers (Set of 50)

    Easily applied checkerboard target stickers for 3D laser scanning applications. Quick application makes project set up a breeze. For projects requiring geo-location using a total station, these checkerboard target stickers are extremely useful. They can...

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  • Flexi Reference Sphere Set in a Backpack

    Flexi Reference Sphere Set in a Backpack

    The robust and made-to-last Flexi Reference Sphere Set (6 spheres) for the daily use of various scanners and magnetic holders, delivered in a functional backpack. The Flexi Reference Sphere Set has all product characteristics of the surveyor reference...

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  • Magnetic reference targets with a checkerboard pattern A single target plate with a magnetic back

    Magnetic Reference Target Set

    The laser scanning checkerboard target can be fixed to any magnetic surface without the need for drilling holes or using messy adhesives. These lightweight 3D imaging targets are easily transportable and are useful for surveying jobs in most...

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