3D CAD Modeling


3D CAD Model based on a Laser Scanner Point Cloud


A 3D point cloud model allows system planners to access highly detailed data to aid in areas such as production development and analysis. The Point Cloud to CAD system has been developed and refined to create CAD plans and projects specifically for these businesses. The results are always in standard file formats to ensure cross-platform compatability.

On of the simplest applications of the point cloud is comparing building plans to as-built structures. Any CAD specialist will agree that the process of constantly updating data can turn into project without end; using laser scanning and the resulting point cloud can provide a fast, easy, and universal solution.


Again and again, we hear software vendors brag about the ease of registering and analyzing the point cloud; those of us actually working with this data know the reality is different.

The complexity and scale of even a smaller industrial plant or production line can leave the inexperienced user lost; it quickly becomes apparent that only those with extensive prior experince can successfully navigate, analyze, or even understand this type of data.

Even when using software specifically designed for plant analysis, ones lack of experience becomes quickly apparent. For scenarios involving complex and expensive machinery, smart plant managers and designers will only trust this work to experienced professionals.


We think the same principle applies to modeling from point clouds. Errors of this scale are costy and often irreversible; thus, any minor deviations at any stage of the modelling process can snowball into colossal design problems.

With over 10 years of experience in point cloud analysis and managment, the professionals at Point Cloud to CAD have been been working with point clouds before laser scanning was even common. This extensive experience has allowed for a large client portfolio across a variety of applications. MAny clients are enjoying the benefits of point cloud analysis regardless of siye and background because of the fast and dependable service we are able to provide.