Overhead Laser Scanner Adapter

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Use this adapter to safely and securely operate a laser scanner above and below ground. A quick releasing mechanism allows you to assemble or disassemble a tripod quickly without sacrificing safety or stability.

The bottom bracket is mounted directly onto the tripod using a ⅝” thread. Attach your laser scanner to the removable bracket using the provided mounting screws, and slide it into the grooves to the bottom bracket.

You can read a detailed tutorial about setting up the Overhead Laser Scanner Adapter on the Laser Scanning America Blog.

Designated use

  • safe scanning overhead

Product characteristics

  • One part of the adapter for overhead scanning is screwed on the scanner's original base plate.
  • The other part of the adapter is screwed on the tripod with a 5/8" connection.
  • The part of the adapter with the scanner can easily be put in the complement fixed at the tripod and secured.
  • available with 5/8" female and male thread
  • dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 cm (3.94 x 3.94 x 3.94 in)
  • weight: 1kg

Compatible laser scanners

  • FARO Focus3D and Focus3D X 330
  • Trimble TX5
  • Z+F IMAGER 5006 and 5006i
  • Z+F IMAGER 5010
  • Leca HDS 7000
  • Leica HDS 6200
  • Leica HDS 6100
  • Leica HDS 6000
  • Leica C10

Delivery contents

  • 1 adapter for overhead scanning, optionally with female and male thread

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