Flexi Reference Sphere Set in a Backpack

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The robust and made-to-last Flexi Reference Sphere Set (6 spheres) for the daily use of various scanners and magnetic holders, delivered in a functional backpack.

The Flexi Reference Sphere Set has all product characteristics of the surveyor reference sphere set, but expands it by including the following characteristics:

Precise Geometry - Highly accurate geometry is unique and allows the use for highly accurate applications (e. g. stripe-light-scanners) beside the standard usage in the field of laser scanning

Unique Materials – The Flexi sphere is developed for daily use and is made of unique materials to resist wear and tear

Integrated Shock Absorption - The first sphere that can withstand impacts and achieve its initial state after a few seconds

Excellent Reflective Properties - In contrast to our other reference spheres the surface is not painted; a special surface coating ensures optimum reflectivity and durability.

The backpack is individually adjustable and provides a good wearing comfort due to the back padding and ventilation system. It is innately equipped with Flexi spheres because only this measurement sphere withstands abrasion and impacts without any damage.
You can equip the backpack in the separated bottom chamber with 4 and in the upper chamber with 2 reference spheres. The upper chamber is suited for carrying surveying equipment (e. g. mini prism, adapter or spray for anti-reflection).
Moreover, the backpack has a separated pocket for laptops (dimension: max. 15 in) and provides the possibility to attach a carbon tripod at the side.
The rain cape stored in the side pocket protects against dirt, dust and humidity.
Our innovation leader combines best quality and extreme durability.  Made in Germany.

Product Characteristics:

  • Diameter of 145 mm (5.7 in)
  • Resistant materials allow daily use and ensure durability
  • Integrated shock absorption assists in withstanding impacts and protects the surface coating (thus, chipping paint is a thing of the past)
  • Spherical shape allows the highest possible scanning efficiency from various directions and it has been proven to be the most effective laser scanning target
  • Long special adapter (female thread M8) for Mini Prism (item no.: 030-50023)
  • Reference sphere is a special model made of a combination of difference plastics with special surface coating for optimum reflectivity
  • Includes detachable magnet base (M8/20mm (0.8 in))
  • Backpack includes laptop pocket, clip for carbon tripod, and pouch for accessories.
  • Dimensions of the backpack: 350 x 250 x 450 mm (13.8 x 9.8 x 17.7 in), ideally suited for mobile use

Field of application:

  • Architecture, preservation of buildings and monuments
  • Design and planning of factory buildings and digital factory
  • Mining industry and tunnel construction
  • Public service corporations
  • Aircraft construction and naval architecture
  • Foundries and steel industry
  • Chemistry and process industry
  • Forensics

Compatible laser scanners:

  • FARO LS 420
  • FARO LS 880
  • FARO Photon LS 20
  • FARO Photon LS 80
  • FARO Photon LS 120
  • FARO Focus 3D 20
  • FARO Focus 3D 120
  • Trimble TX5
  • Leica HDS 6100
  • Leica HDS 4400
  • Riegl VZ 1000 Laserscanner
  • Riegl VZ 400 Laserscanner
  • Z+F IMAGER 5010
  • Z+F IMAGER 5006
  • Z+F IMAGER 5006i
  • Z+F IMAGER 5006h
  • Z+F IMAGER 5006EX

Delivery contents:

  • 6 reference spheres, plastic, diameter 145 mm (5.7 in), special adapter (female thread M8) suitable for mini prism
  • 6 magnetic holders short (M8/20mm (0.8 in)), suitable for our stickers
  • 1 back carrying system


  • The Flexi Reference Sphere is not only very solid due to the integrated shock absorption, but can be used easily in various weather conditions. Only at very low or very high temperatures, the sphere's diameter shows a small variation of max. 1 mm (0.04 in) (at 75 degrees).
    We recommend using these spheres in the range from -15 to +50 degrees Celsius.