Carbon Tripod Quick Release for FARO Focus 3D and Trimble TX5

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The 3D Imaging and Laser Scanner Quick Release is specially fitted for a FARO Focus 3D or Trimble TX5. This tripod head allows for an efficient assembly of a laser scanner on multiple jobsites for high efficiency scans. Simply screw the panning base of the quick release onto a 3/8in tripod, attach a 3D imager to the head disk, and clamp the head disk into place on the panning base. The versatility of the rotating quick release is maximized with the use of a Carbon Tripod. To save significantly on both these products, check out the Carbon Tripod with Quick Release.

Our Carbon tripod is comparable to the Gitzo alternative.

If you want the versatility of a rotating adapt but are using a tripod with a claw system, you can look into the rotatable tripod adapter for an easy solution.


Designated use:

  • Quickly mount a FARO Focus 3D or Trimble TX5
  • Increase laser scanning productivity

Product characteristics - Panning head: MANUFACTURER ID PC1

  • mounts onto a 3/8in thread tripod
  • length: 111 mm (4.37 in)
  • width: 70 mm (2.76 in)
  • height: 37 mm (1.46 in)
  • weight: 0.35 kg (0.77 lbs)
  • maximum load: 8 kg (17.64 lbs)
  • spirit level
  • 3/8 inch female thread
  • scale from 0° to 360°

Product characteristics - Moving head disk: PU70-B

  • 3/8in male thread mounts to a laser scanner
  • length: 70 mm (2.76 in)
  • width: 38 mm (1.50 in)
  • height: 10 mm (0.39 in)
  • thread: 3/8 inch
  • weight: 43 g (1.52 oz)
  • fixed support due to rubberized material

Compatible laser scanner:

  • FARO Focus 3D
  • Trimble TX5

Compatible tripod:

Product Contents:

  • 1 quick release consisting of a pan head and a moving head disk