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Plastic Laser Scanning Accessory Case with foam inserts

The Laser Scanner accessory case provides excellent protection while transporting important and delicate 3D scanning and surveying equipment. Use the case for the safe transportation of adapters, mini prisms, laptops, cameras, or anything else. The rugged plastic and foam interior cut outs act as a buffer for the roughest of conditions.

Product characteristics:

  • material: polypropylene
  • volume: 37 liter (1.31 cubic feet)
  • internal dimensions: 528 x 368 x 190 mm (20.79 x 14.49 x 7.48 in)
  • external dimensions: 575 x 470 x 205 mm (22.64 x 18.50 x 8.07 in)
  • weight: 4.1 kg (9.04 lbs)
  • color: silver-gray with blue clasps
  • 1 foam mat with knob structure in the lid (height: 3.5cm (1.38 in))
  • 5 foam mats with pre-cut cubical foam insert (height: 2cm (0.79 in))
  • 1 flat foam mat for the bottom of the case (height: 1cm (0.93 in))

Designated use/product description:

  • In this broad case, equipment with a height of maximum 15cm (5.91 in) can be stored away.
  • Five separate pre-cut foam mats allow a detailed adjustment for high and even narrow items.

Field of application:

  • well suited for safe transport of damageable instruments, such as surveying equipment, camera and video equipment, microphones or laptops
  • as tool case for compact stowage and transport of different small parts

Delivery contents:

  • 1 case incl. foam inserts