Foldable Tripod Dolly

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A tripod dolly with as much variation and flexibility as your job requires. The revolutionary folding leg design allows for stable yet flexible maneuvering of a tripod, even through awkward or narrow spaces.

The open design of the third side allows you unhindered access to your laser scanner. In addition, the open base design makes this tripod dolly particularly useful for 3D scanning below grade using an inverted or two-way tripod.

Designated use:

  • transport of the laser scanner and of the tripod between the scan positions

Product characteristics:

  • material: anodized aluminum
  • weight: 16lbs
  • height: approx. 210mm (8.27 in)
  • max. load capacity: approx.. 60kg
  • The tripod dolly consists of two legs that can be unfolded variably.
  • distance between the bearing surfaces for tripod feet: 1070mm (42.13 in); The bearing surfaces can be shifted on the rail.
  • triangular form with extremely robust construction
  • easily collapsible for safe transport 
  • pack size: 1180 x 105 x 210mm (46.46 x 4.13 x 8.27 in)
  • The tripod is positioned on the bearing surfaces and fixed by means of a belt.
  • The bearing surfaces of the tripod dolly can be shifted so that the dolly can even be used for smaller tripods.
  • Big steerable wheels (Ø 125mm (4.92 in)) for optimum handling
  • All wheels can be locked by means of a hand gear. Thus, safe footing during scanning is ensured.

Compatible tripods:

  • universally usable, suited for all carbon and aluminum tripods to whose tripod feet you can tie down the belts

Delivery contents: 

  • 1 laser scanner tripod dolly