Reality Capture is an exciting and inspiring industry to become involved with. However, you still may be unsure if it’s the right fit for your business model. Will it actually benefit you, your projects, your clients? How can you be sure it will save you money, create better deliverables and generate better profit margins?

At LSA we focus on educating businesses and individuals about the various possibilities created with technologies such as 3D Laser Scanning. We hold no sales commitment to any manufacturer, so our advice is based on what the project and client requires, unbiased by quotas or preference. Whether its utilizing our training, rental, or service program, LSA can provide the right solution for your company.

Got Questions? Need more information? We’re happy discuss your potential project and find how we can best help you understand the 3D industry.

The Equipment

Any good craftsman knows that selecting the right tool for the job will produce the best results. Choosing the right laser scanner is essential for capturing the data your project requires, and will make the subsequent stages of any project both easier and of higher quality. We have a broad knowledge of different scanners and the industries and applications best suited for each – let us point you in the right direction for your equipment needs.

The Workflow

A poorly planned workflow can flush money down the toilet; messy scheduling and needless repetition sink margins faster than the Titanic (and without the gooey love story). For first time users, this can be especially difficult, as unforeseen circumstances and needs are sure to arise, causing costly errors. Our professionals can walk you through the laser scanning process and help ensure that your time is well spent.

The Timeline

What sort of time should I allocate to each task? What timeline can I realistically give my clients? Establishing a reasonable estimation of the time allocated to each step in the process is often difficult for those with little or no laser scanning experience. Poor estimates lead to missed deadlines and scheduling errors – let us help define your timeframe, so both you and your clients are on the same page

Project Deliverable

What is my project deliverable? For many of our clients, a simple BIM model or CAD drawing is not enough. Add value to your deliverables by providing access to more content, easily drawn out of your point cloud data. We can help establish an infrastructure for delivering added value to your clients without adding to your overhead costs.

The Next Step

 You may be sold on 3D Laser Scanning, but is your client? We can provide selling points to bring this new workflow to your next set of clients, based on what you offer them as a business and anticipating their needs for the future. Our marketing team can supply tips, content, and additional resources to help include laser scanning on your next job.

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