Why Lease a Laser Scanner?

Posted by Laser Scanning America on 4th Aug 2014

It’s often difficult to accurately judge the potential usefulness of new technology – over-excited sales reps endlessly expounding why their newest thing is Gods greatest gift to humanity don’t tend to stop and analyze why you should use it. Luckily, to this end, many companies do provide the opportunity to rent or lease their product/service, allowing the project manager the opportunity to acquire some accurate data based on their company’s type of business and the demands of their clients. We at LSA think that leasing a laser scanner before investing in the technology is the only smart (and sane) way to integrate into a current business; hence the introduction of our rental program.

The greatest advantage of leasing the FARO Focus 3D laser scanner is that it gives potential users the chance to explore the technology without making a (potentially disastrous) initial investment. In particular, small businesses like design-build companies don’t have the available capital, credit, or even time to consider a new workflow, especially a unique one such as laser scanning. For this reason, the leasing option is particularity attractive for firms such as these, as the laser scanner rental cost can be written into a project budget. With the initial cost of acquiring the equipment directly accounted for, the risk of utilizing a new tool or piece of equipment is mitigated, allowing projects to stay on schedule and maintain profitability.

Having a Focus3D on hand introduces some interesting opportunities. The project manager has the ability to isolate the performance of the laser scanner within the existing workflow and generate a fairly accurate comparison of its effectiveness, profitability, and ROI on a per-job basis. In addition, leasing the Focus3D X 330 gives crew members a chance to become familiarized with the scanner, thus eliminating most (if not all) of the inevitable “training period” that follows the purchase of new equipment. Leasing a laser scanner could either introduce a great new way to execute your project delivery system, or just prove that your system in place is the best for you. It’s easy to find out!

Laser Scanning America, in addition to leasing the FARO Focus3D X 330, also provides comprehensive training and service, from the initial data acquisition to point cloud processing and creating a deliverable. If you’re interested, but need more information or are unsure of where to start we suggest contacting our service department or calling us at 412.871.3220.