Streamlined Solutions: Above Ceiling Scans

Streamlined Solutions: Above Ceiling Scans

Posted by Mike Dice on 23rd Mar 2015

The 5 or so minutes it takes to complete a scan is a fixed interval in the process of laser scanning fieldwork. The set up and tear down time of your rig between scans however is an area of your wo … read more

Thermal Imaging and the Building Envelope

9th Feb 2015

Our reliance on energy has grown tremendously over the past decade. Buildings do not run as efficiently as they could and, therefore, are responsible for the bulk of energy usage in the United Sta … read more

The Future of Mapping Thermal Imaging Data

26th Nov 2014

Mapping thermal imaging data is necessary to measure the energy efficiency in existing and future buildings. The thermal imaging data developed through 3D laser scanning can be accessed by architec … read more

New Nedo Tripods for Surveyors and Laser Scanners

Posted by Laser Scanning America on 29th Oct 2014

Get them while they’re hot! The new line of NEDO tripods are now available for purchase at incredibly low prices. These tripods and accessories are designed specifically for 3D terrestrial laser sca … read more