Streamlined Solutions: Low Profile Scans

Streamlined Solutions: Low Profile Scans

Posted by Mike Dice on 6th Nov 2015

Speed and efficiency are essential in the field. Difficult to reach scan locations are a hindrance on time and efficiency while on a scan job. In our last Streamlined Solutions blog post we addressed the issue of capturing above ceiling scans, here we’ll offer another solution for capturing valuable points of data that may have eluded your 3d laser scanner in the past.

Ever find yourself needing to scan under low thresholds with your Faro Focus 3d or Trimble TX5? At LSA we’ve run into this issue ourselves and have sought out a solution.  We found that the variable affecting the height of our scans that can be changed in our current scanning set up is our choice in tripod. So we hunted down a tripod that would meet all of the requirements of 3D laser scanning in both indoor and outdoor locations, was light weight enough to reposition in awkward positions, and of course had a low minimum effective height. What we found was a carbon tripod that exceeded our initial requirements and will be replacing our current carbon tripod on scan jobs.

Introducing the newest addition to our product line, the Mach3 Carbon Tripod. 

With a minimum effective height of just over 1 foot, you won’t find a better tripod for low profile scans. The inclusion of both a short and long center column will add versatility and accessibility to your current scanner set up. Additionally the Mach3 sets its self apart from other carbon tripods with 9 layers of carbon fiber and magnesium hardware, striking a perfect balance between durability and stability while maximizing its strength-weight ratio.

Keep an eye out for our new Mach3 Carbon Tripod to appear in our online store next week!

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