Scanner2GO - A New Way to Rent Laser Scanners

Scanner2GO - A New Way to Rent Laser Scanners

Posted by Tim on 10th Nov 2015

You may have noticed some subtle differences in our rental program. Like, for example, how we completely separated it from the rest of the LSA shop.

That’s right, we’ve created a dedicated Laser Scanner Rental service called  Scanner2GO. After working with the growing demand for laser scanners from different AEC clients, and getting a better sense of how newcomers to the 3D scanning game used the equipment, we developed a platform that delivers laser scanner equipment and services to project managers with little to no fuss.

What’s so great about it?


With Scanner2GO, we trimmed the fat on the process of renting a laser scanner. Simply submit a Quote Request, and one of our reps will contact you to get the info for your next project. Want to make the process even faster? Here's a cheat sheet for the information we'll need to get you scanning in no time:

Timing Matters

We stagger our rates based on both the duration of the rental and the time booked in advance. Why? Not only does it give us time for equipment upkeep, it also allows us to offer the most competitive pricing on the market. If you find a rate lower than ours, we guarantee to give you a more competitive offer. As a result, we get more clients getting approved for projects and more people scanning!

Newcomers Welcome

It’s no secret that project managers and land surveyors have been using laser scanning in their projects. However, a variety of other industries have started to incorporate laser scanning into their businesses. That’s why a lot of the focus in creating Scanner2GO revolved around not just getting a laser scanner in the hands of new users, but ensuring new users successfully implemented 3D scanning.

Expansive Support

We not only provide 3D scanners, but the the equipment and know-how to do the job right. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just starting out, we're here to help. From choosing the right equipment for your project, to setting up and operating the scanner, to working with the data in your preferred CAD or BIM Suite. We make sure that laser scanning is a time effective and profitable addition to your workflow.

So, simply put, for your next 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning job, get a Scanner2GO!