Pros and Cons of Static Targets

Pros and Cons of Static Targets

Posted by Giovoni Lebrun on 9th Aug 2017

Benefits vs. Drawbacks

Benefits from using Static Target

There are without a doubt many benefits from using static targets in your surveying. Coming in  sets of 25 or 50 , static targets can achieve the same action as reference spheres with extremely easy installation. Static targets are reusable, allowing the same static target to be moved onto other surfaces and used with that same precision accuracy. Lasting a long period of time for each static target, it can be left on surfaces for up to three months while being 100% usable targets. Another benefit static targets have is that they can stick to almost any dry surface with no installation. Being able to stick on vertical and horizontal surfaces, static targets can do it all while being accurate and reusable. Not only can static targets be used with laser scanners, however they can also be used with surveyor transits for geo-locating scan projects.

Drawbacks included with Static Targets 

Although static targets are extremely reliable products, there comes along some negative aspects when it comes to using static targets in your everyday surveying. For one, static targets do not hold up well in extreme cases of weather. Due to the way static targets work, they need to have a static charge with the surface it’s on for it to stick and work. Any interference with the static charge and the targets may become unusable for the time being. Ideally, static targets should be used in an indoor application for better stability, however they can still be used outside depending on the environment they are placed in. 


How do you apply static targets? It’s as easy as 123! Receive, peel and apply

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