Laser Scanning on Site Training

Posted by Giovoni Lebrun on 15th Sep 2017

Using a laser scanner can be quite difficult, but many would love to know the ins and outs of properly using one to get the full potential out of it. For those who ask themselves; “can I use a laser scanner myself?”, who want to be hands on and learn how to maneuver such an advanced piece of technology, Laser Scanning America’s team offers full service and training to those who no longer want to ask themselves, if they can use the laser scanners.

Every project is different. This means that the knowledge needed to be taught and learned needs to be different as well. How long does training take before you can use it? Well, that depends on the project of course. Some training sessions can either be a day or two, to a full week of training. We modify these training sessions to fulfill the specific needs of our customers to insure they receive every necessary skill needed to successfully complete their project. At the very least, we make sure our clients know:

  • How to operate a laser scanner
  • The best way to scan
  • How to register and process the data
  • How to import the data into their CAD software of choice.F

For more information on our Laser Scanning on Site training, or to book your training session today, contact us by email or phone 412.871.3220!