How 3D Laser Scanning is Transforming the AEC Industry

Posted by Tim on 23rd Feb 2016

We know early adapters and manufacturers like nothing more than to soapbox their favorite technological child (guilty as charged!); it takes a community of practitioners to lend validity to these claims. Thankfully, in October of 2015 the diligent researchers at BuiltWorlds authored the “3D Laser Scanner Report”, a Laser Scanning case study focusing on the applications of 3D scanning for construction.

Inside the Report

The 3D Scanning Report is neatly split into two sections. Part one provides an overview of what laser scanning is, the benefits as shown through case studies, and issues with adapting the technology into existing business structures. The report sources the 4 successful AEC firms using laser scanning as a means of providing the much needed proof of concept to the hype it has created. The second half gets technical, breaking down the types and manufacturers of 3D scanners available, highlighting service providers, and ending with an abbreviated tech sheet on the most popular machines in use today.

About BuiltWorlds

Builtworlds is a multimedia firm that seeks to promote technology and innovation in the built environment. As a platform for exposing and critiquing technology and practices, Builtworlds seems to be providing the necessary tools to effectively judge the merits (and drawbacks) of new workflows and systems. Be sure to explore their site and follow them on your favorite social media!