FARO Focus3D Replacement Parts

Posted by LSA on 17th Jul 2014

You can now order OEM replacement parts for any FARO Focus3D model of laser scanner right here on our website. Buy an additional Power Block battery to gain valuable time in the field scanning, or use a car-adapter power supply to recharge your laser scanner on the go. We also have a Power Block+Dock bundle, as well as the QuickCharger Power Supply. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Try our other shop categories, shoot us an email, or call us at 412.871.3220.

We also have products specifically developed for the Focus3D line of scanners, such as our tribrach adapters or rotatable adapter for surveyors. Or the laser scanner backpack, featuring a comfortable, ergonomic design with space to carry all the essentials for a scanning job. Not to mention all of our tripods, which feature special adapters specifically for the Focus3D laser scanners. Whatever the job, you can rent or buy the equipment to do it right.