​FARO Focus M 70

Posted by ADMIN on 19th Jan 2017

Ultra-portable FARO Focus M 70

  • $ 25,000 US Dollar
  • HDR Imaging
  • 500 000 points per second
  • IP-54
  • Range of 70 meter
  • Accuracy +/- 3mm (distance error)

FARO welcomes its FARO FocusM70, its very latest product. This product is designed as an entry point for the professional user that want to bring laser scanning into their business in the construction and public safety forensics markets.

The FARO FocusM70 is the very first professional level grade laser scanner that is offered for under $25,000. This new scanner offers features such as HDR imaging, a high-speed nearing 500,000 points per second, an impressive 54 Ingress Protecting Rating ideal for wet weather conditions, and the ability to be used with multiple different software packages. The FARO FocusM70 has an impressive accuracy of +/- 3mm at ranges up to 70 meters that makes this scanner designed to work great both indoors and outdoors.