start with laser scanning today.

Posted by ADMIN on 21st Feb 2017

Start your laser scanning business today and take advantage of over 10 years of experience. Read more...

Laser scanning accessories

Posted by ADMIN on 21st Feb 2017

There is a ton of additional Laser scanning Accessories. The best way to get the right option is to talk or e-mail us. We will get in touch with you to verify regarding your Need.Check FARO Laser S … read more

​FARO Focus M 70

Posted by ADMIN on 19th Jan 2017

Ultra-portable FARO Focus M 70 $ 25,000 US Dollar HDR Imaging 500 000 points per second IP-54 Range of 70 meter Accuracy +/- 3mm (distance error) FARO welcomes its FARO FocusM70, its very lates … read more

What are Reference Spheres

Posted by ADMIN on 17th Jan 2017

What are Reference Spheres?If you’ve only briefly glanced at the Laser Scanning America website, you know we focus on providing a variety of high quality reference spheres. However, delving into the f … read more