3D Measuring Point Disk

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The 3D measuring point disk provides a simple and secure solution for attaching reference spheres or a mini prism to non-magnetic surfaces. Confidently use the disk on wood, concrete, metal, or any other surface that needs registration. The metallic disk allows an easy fitting and precise centering of your reference sphere's magnet base. By fastening a measuring point disk permanently, you can position your reference sphere or mini prism exactly in the same place and use it for registration or determination of coordinates multiple times over any amount of time. For a higher quality and precision product, please refer to our Precision Measuring Point Disk.

Product characteristics: 

  • metallic disk with a diameter Ø of 40 mm (1.57 in), suitable for the magnet base of reference spheres
  • centered hole for fixing
  • countersink worked into hole so that the supplied screw doesn't protrude

Designated use:

  • measuring point disk for permanent marking of your reference sphere
  • attach the reference sphere's magnet base easily and center it on the measuring point disk
  • for registration or identification of reference spheres and for determination of coordinates by total station

Field of application:

  • permanent marking for reference spheres on walls, concrete, wood and all other surfaces
  • helpful for scanning old walls, ruins or supporting walls on which other permanent marking can hardly realized
  • alternative marking to the 3D measuring point sticker, for surfaces which don't allow attaching a sticker


Product Contents:

  • 3D measuring point disks incl. fitting screws and dowels
  • optionally in packaging sizes of 10, 20 or 50 pieces


  • For the registration, at least 3 reference spheres are required for each laser scanner position. For repositioning the scanner, in some cases it is necessary to position the spheres at another place. Due to the marking on the measuring point disks, a precise centering will always be possible